Presidential Democracy – India’s Dire Need for Better Governance's Reviews

“Through ‘Presidential Democracy: India’s Dire Need for Better Governance’ book the author has raised several issues and critical arguments in the form of 13 well-crafted chapters, wherein he enlists the issues crippling the political fabric of our richly diverse country.....

.....This book lays the foundation for a more functional and effective government. To conclude, a striking feature to be noted of the book could be his bringing of the ‘sacred, sanctimonious’ constitution into debate, not to denigrate it, but to trace its flaws and reconstruct and seal in the fault lines”.

-India Law Journal

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“Presidential Democracy: India’s Dire Need for Better Governance is not only a title for safe or Library, it is the most rigorous conclusions of a long time studies and analysis of several liberal democracies like USA, Germany, Britain, France, Australia, Japan and others. With this book,....... Author has proved himself as a great researcher of the Indian Political System.

.....As a reader and like a scholar of Political Science and Indian Political System, I would like to see this book on my reading table, and I think this book should be a part of all libraries and all the readers who are interested in Political Systems”.

-Indian Journal of Society & Politics

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