Quest for a Better Democratic Alternative

Some opinions about 'Quest for a Better Democratic Alternative'

“It is a thought provoking publication written in a simple and easy to understand language and the apt illustrations add a touch of humour.”

Shri Nani A. Palkhivala
Eminent Jurist and Former Ambassador of India to U.S.A.

"In your masterly analyses, you have diagnosed the problem with a rare courage and suggested ways and means to plug the loopholes for making our institution stronger. I wish that the book should start debates and discussions amongst the intellectuals and ultimately pave the way for improving our ailing system. The humorous sketches enhance the impact of your persuasive discussion."

Shri Y. P. Trivedi
Noted Advocate on Tax matters & Ex. President IMC.

“I did find it interesting, informative and quite provocative."

Dr. F. A. Mehta
Director, Tata Sons Ltd.

"Undoubtedly, the issues facing our country and the author’s thought-provoking analysis will be a great help to eradicate the malady which has taken deep roots in the country."

Shri Chandra Shekar
Former Prime Minister of India

“I have found the book to be highly educative on many of the major questions that are of concern to us presently."

Shri M.G.K. Menon
Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

“The book is really useful and of interest to me as it covers issues concerning the present political situation in our country."

Prof. P.J. Kurian
Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)

“Shri Mehta has written the book after a deep and thorough study of the subject having thoroughly analyzed the issue from all angles. Shri Mehta’s intense feeling in the matter is worth emulating by others.”

Loksatta (Express Group)

“There is an urgent need to translate this book in every regional language including Gujarati. The author has not only shown by means of concrete examples as to how we have distorted in diverse ways the present system of government as well as the Constitution but has also pointed out the various measures required to remove their shortcomings, by reviewing the Constitutions of other countries. This has been explained in an elegant manner."

Shri T.U. Mehta
Ex. Chief Justice, Himachal Pradesh