Presidential System – A Better Alternative?

Some opinions about the book 'Presidential System – A Better Alternative?'

“Mehta’s line of argument may create a stir, if ever a good book as this can do the trick among the professional politicians. More so for Vasant Halbe’s illustrations drawn in lighter vein on recent developments, which makes the book all the more lively and interesting."

Amrit Bazar Patrika, Calcutta

 “The author’s suggestions deserves consideration by constitutional experts."

All India Reporter

 “The author makes out a cogent and lucid case in favour of the Presidential System for India ….. Mr. Vasant Halbe’s acerbic and pungent cartoons lampoon the foibles and frailties of our politicians who are running after power. They are inclusive and devastating.
Moderately priced and elegantly produced, the book could as well serve as the launching pad for public debate."

Deccan Herald, Bangalore

“Jashwant Mehta’s book is godsend. It is complete with comparisons of different presidential systems and modifications suited to the Indian temperament. Vasant Halbe’s sketches are a feast for the eyes as well as the intellect."


“The book has done great service to highlight the undesirable features of present day politics. …it is interesting and thought provoking …. We commend this book to one and all in India."

The Karnataka Law Journal

“I am sure everyone who reads this book would not only like to have it, on his shelf, but would recommend to all his friends too."

The Indian Advocate

“The book is written in a lucid language and is enriched with several humorous illustrations depicting the country’s political situation. It is a thought provoking work written in a very simple language. It can be understood by even a layman. All students of politics must go through this book."

Gujarat Law Reporter

“His Excellency Mr. Jayewerdene (The President of Sri Lanka) has read the book with interest."

Letter from Presidential Secretariat, Sri Lanka

“The readable little narrative stands as an excellent introductory inductment of realities from which many in our country continue to shut their eyes …….. It is an inspiring work, deserving of wide readership especial by the intellectual class."

Kerala Law Times

“The book is of immense value to constitutional experts and the general intelligentsia. It helps a well informed public debate on the issue."

The Mysore Economic Review

“Written in a simple but effective style, interesting as well as instructive ……… I have enjoyed reading it."

Dr. S.R. Maheshwary
Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

“You have made out a good case for introducing a Presidential System and you have argued cogently, though in a lighthearted way, how the Presidential System, as found in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, with some adaptations would prove to be the best alternative to the present chaos under parliamentary democracy …. You have made good contribution to the present debate on this question and I congratulate you."

Harish Mahindra, Ex-Chairman
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

“I have read your book with interest and you have very well advocated the case ….. I was agreeably surprised that an Engineer has so much interested himself in constitutional problems and so well."

Chimanlal C. Shah
Member of the Constituent Assembly

“The book is commendable for its lucid style, free of jargon, which makes it a very readable book.”

University Affairs, New Delhi

“I would suggest that your book be translated into all the regional languages in our country and a large number of copies should be published and distributed all over the country, at least to educate the public and arouse their enthusiasm towards the inevitable change."

Late Shri B.T. Unwalla – Ex-Chairman,
Institute of Engineers, Maharashtra State.

"Very informative and closely reasoned."

Michael Pistor
Director, USICA, (Publisher-Span Magazine)